Pa Paandi (2017)

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Pa Paandi is a 2017 Indian Tamil-language comedy-drama film produced, written and directed by Dhanush in his directorial debut. The film features Rajkiran in the title role, while Revathi, Prasanna, Dhanush, Madonna Sebastian and Chaya Singh play pivotal roles. The venture began production in September 2016. It was released in April 2017 to positive reviews

Power Paandi (Rajkiran), an ex-stuntmaster in tamil cinema industry, is now leading his retired life with his son Raghavan (Prasanna) and his family. Paandi is very close to his grand-children Dhruv (Master Raghavan) and Shaksha (Baby Chavi).Paandi could not sit idle at home and gets involved in other issues outside his house which brings trouble to his son. He also tries to keep him occupied by going for some part-time jobs like gym instructor,side kicks and stunt-man in cinema but nothing fulfills him and also brings friction with his son.

Seeking his freedom, he goes out of his house with his old bullet and final day savings. On his way, he sees a bunch of old people riding their bike like him and he narrates his first love experience with them. He shares about how he (Dhanush as young Paandi) met Poonthendral (Madonna Sebastian) first time, how they fell in love and how they went separated. He tells them that he is on a journey to find his Poonthendral again. An old-man in that group helps Paandi in locating Poonthendral via social media. Paandi messages Poonthendral, who has now settled in Hyderabad, as he was in her place and was eager to meet her again.

Finally, Poonthendral (Revathi) agrees to meet him in a restaurant and both of them meet remembering all the by-gone days. They post their meet on social media and express happiness for each other's life. Paandi proposes to Poonthendral to live the rest of their life together. Poonthendral, who was initially reluctant at his decision, later convinces herself about his companionship and asks him to come to her house the next day for a lunch and to meet her family (her daughter and grand-daughter).

In meantime, back at Chennai, Raghavan realizes his mistake and start searching for his father every-where. His grand-son Dhruv locates Paandi using social-media and finally comes to Poonthendral's house at Hyderabad to take Paandi back with them. When Paandi comes to Poonthendral's house for lunch, he gets re-united with his son's family. Both Poonthendral and Paandi realise that their life has to go this way and decide to be in touch with each other for the rest of their lives. With much emotional bursts, Paandi leaves Poonthendral's house with his son , waving his hands in air without seeing Poonthendral for which she responds.

Rajkiran as Pandian Pazhanisami (Power Paandi)
Dhanush as younger Pandian Pazhanisami
Revathi as Poonthendral
Madonna Sebastian as younger Poonthendral
Prasanna as Raghavan "Rambo"
Chaya Singh as Premalatha "Prema"
Vidyullekha Raman as Poongodi
Rinson Simon as Varun
Aadukalam Naren as Chandrasekhar Poothendral's father
Bharathi Kannan as Poongodi's father
Dhina as Mani (Pandian Pazhanisami's friend)
Baby Chavi as Shaksha
Master Raghavan as Dhruv
Balaji Mohan as Raghavan
Sentrayan as drug seller
Velraj as police inspector
R. M. Ramnath Shetty as gym owner

Guest appearances:
Gautham Vasudev Menon as Director Gautham (Gau)
Robo Shankar as hero in Gautham's film
Dhivyadharshini as Poonthendral's daughter
Stunt Silva as Bullet Raja
Baba Bhaskar as Villager

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